Year 6 2023 - 2024

Mr Baguley

Miss Campbell

Mrs Humphreys

Welcome to the Year 6 area on our website.This page is to provide you with information about the Year 6 curriculum, upcoming events and to celebrate Year 6 work.

Our Curriculum in Year 6:

Science: Animals and their habitats, Evolution and Inheritance, Light, Electricity

What was so Magnificent about the Mayas? What was the impact of wars on Britain?

What’s so special about South America? Fieldwork Week-Conway Centre Mapwork skills

Painting/Collage Frida Kahlo, Drawing LS Lowry, Sculpture/printing

Image       IMG_0407.JPG    IMG_0414.JPG     IMG_0418.JPG     IMG_0419.JPG    IMG_0408.JPG    IMG_0409.JPG     IMG_0410.JPG

Structures Christmas Box, Nutrition and Cookery Savoury dishes from VE Day

IMG_0599.JPG          IMG_0603.JPG            IMG_0597.JPG           IMG_0863.JPG         IMG_0876.JPG       IMG_0903.JPG      IMG_0908.JPG

Computing: Programming,
Make and Control a carnival float using programming, Computing systems and networks -
Communication -
Creating media - Web page creation, Programming - Variables in games, Data and information - Spreadsheets
Creating media - 3D modelling,
Programming - Sensing

: Relationships, Living in the wider world, Health and well being

What do religions say to us when life gets hard? Is it better to express your religion in arts and architecture or in charity and
What matters most to Christians and to Humanists? What difference does it make to believe in Ahimsa (harmlessness),
Grace (the generosity of God), and Ummah (community)

PE: Lacrosse, Gymnastics, Tag Rugby, Dance, OAA, Tennis Striking and Fielding, Athletics


: Happy, Happy You’ve Got a Friend, WW2 music, BBC 10 pieces Heitor Villa Lobos, End of year production

Let’s visit a French town, Let’s Go shopping,This is France All in a Day

Visits 2022 - 2023: Dr Davies Mayan Workshop, Romiley Theatre Pantomime, Stockport Air raid Shelters, Conway residential

Visits 2023 - 2024: Dr Davies Mayan Workshop, Stockport Plaza - Adam Kay, Chester Zoo, Stockport Air raid Shelters, Conway residential.