Year 3 2023 - 2024

Mrs Newbould

Mrs Parker

Mrs Taylor

Ms Mullin

Miss Gaffney

Welcome to the Year 3 area on our website.This page is to provide you with information about the Year 3 curriculum, upcoming events and to celebrate Year 3 work. To find out more about Y3 have a look at our transition film:

Our Curriculum in Year 3:

Science: Rocks and Fossils, Light, Forces, Plants, Animals Including Humans

When would you Prefer to Live: Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age? How Successful was the Civilisation of Egypt?

Why is the UK Such a Great Place to live? Fieldwork Week: School Grounds.

Drawing Stone Age Cave Art, Sculpture/Collage Antony Gormley, Painting/Printing Georgia O Keefe

Mechanical Systems - Bronze Age carriages, Nutrition and Cookery- Afternoon Tea from the UK, Textiles- Pencil Case decorated with Egyptian hieroglyphics